I keep hearing a bird in & near my house (in Trumansburg), but haven’t been 
able to see it — always too well hidden in underbrush, usually down by my 
creek.  (Not dense woods, just lots of places to hide.)  Its song is a steady 
trill (all on one pitch) followed by a single, higher note — “trrrrrrrrrrrrrr 
cheep” — with a distinct gap between the trill and the last note.  It’s quite 
emphatic, and doesn’t have the thin quality I’ve heard in a lot of warbler 

I’ve gone through all of the birds I thought were possible candidates and have 
listened to recordings online — and I can’t find one that’s even close.  Does 
anyone have any ideas?

I’ll keep trying to see it, but several days and no luck…

Thanks for any help

Gordon Bonnet
Trumansburg NY

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