As I refilled my drilled-hole, hanging suet log with Bark Butter this morning, 
I was surprised that < 3 feet away from me a juvenile Downy Woodpecker kept 
perching on the suet cake cage, eating the fat! I was able to see its reddish 
top-of-head patch and all its feathers very well!
Meanwhile, one of its parents flitted farther away, perhaps trying to get the 
baby to leave the area where a potential predator lurked.

Fighting Hummingbirds are frequenting my sugar-water feeder and emptying it 
quickly these days.

Meanwhile, the Town of Lansing has resurfaced the entire main loop trail and 
some side trails to Cayuga Lake shore with compacted stone dust that will make 
walking, wheel-chairing, baby buggy pushing or bicycling a lot easier. The 
trail previously has been rough, uneven, large-sized gravel which those with 
mobility challenges found very hard to navigate. The stone dust runs out to the 
handicapped parking area on the north side of the point, as well.
Cayuga Bird Club a few years ago provided a generous grant to help build the 
informational kiosk at Salt Point, which I am happy to report is frequently 
studied by visitors to Salt Point.
See the Lansing Star online newspaper for an article about the stone dust work 
at Salt Point.

Donna L. Scott
Soon VP of CBC; Director, Friends of Salt Point Inc.
535 Lansing Station Road
Lansing, NY


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