This afternoon our MZ ride was highlighted by a small family of mom and 2 baby 
Redhead along the wildlife drive. We found another family of Redhead on VanDyne 
Spoor Road with mom and at least 5 young. Black Terns were everywhere at 
VanDyne Spoor with at least a dozen juveniles and more than a dozen adults. The 
highlight there around 6 pm were 4 individual Least Bittern. 2 feeding close to 
the near edge about halfway down then flying west. The other 2 flying west from 
 about 2/3 of the way down the road. 
    2 Stilt Sandpipers were the highlight of the 100 plus shorebirds at the 
quickly drying up Knox- marsellus marsh. Mike and Joann Tetlow

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