Hi everyone-
If you like bird art, and are looking for a day trip to the western Finger 
Lakes, check out the traveling exhibit, Birds in Art, at the Cumming Nature 
Center in Naples, NY.  It’s a show of some of the best contemporary bird art 
from all over the world.

Great show!  We went to see it today.  Show ends August 12, according to the 

Steve and I followed up with hiking at High Tor wildlife management area near 
Naples.  Walked on the marsh trail on Parish Rd  - on the southern part of the 
marshy area, with parking at the trail between routes 245 and 21.  
The highlight for birding was a sandhill crane that landed on the trail about 
30 feet in front of us.  We stayed back a bit, as it continued to walk away 
from us, seemingly unconcerned.  It finally took off, soared and circled above 
the marsh, croaking away, and finally landing a bit farther away in the marsh.
FYI- if you decide to hike High Tor south of route 245, be prepared for steep 
climbs!  We recorded an elevation gain of over 1200 feet.  Plus, the birds 
seemed more numerous in the marshy area.

Liisa Mobley


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