My name is Kyle Gage. As a member of the Muckrace Committee, I am tasked with 
recruiting volunteers for the 22nd Annual Muckrace. The Muckrace is a 24-hour 
birding event sponsored by the Friends of Montezuma, which takes place on 
Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge (MNWR), Department of Environmental 
Conservation (DEC), and Montezuma Audubon Center (MAC) lands. This year's event 
will take place September 14th & 15th, 7pm-7pm, with a dinner/awards ceremony 
afterwards at the MAC. 

All volunteer positions would be at the MAC (2295 State Route 89 Savannah, NY). 
I am looking to fill the following positions:
*9/15: 2-5pm Registration
*9/15: 5-8pm Registration
*9/15: 6-8pm Checklist Verifier/ Compiler- 4-5 people needed

I have posted to the geneseebirds listserve and filled a couple of photography 
positions that were needed through that outlet.

If you are interested in volunteering for any one of these positions, or have 
any questions regarding the duties they entail, please contact me at or text or call 585-755-9820.

Thank you,
Kyle Gage
Canandaigua, NY


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