This weekend is the *Route 90 Garage Sale* than involves multiple towns
from King Ferry to Cayuga enroute to Rte 5/20 and the Montezuma Area. You
can bypass it by going north on the west side of Cayuga Lake.

This multi-county garage sale creates a huge, miles-long traffic jam and
also disturbs several osprey nests. One nest, around 20 years old, is on
Route 90 at Fire Lane 15—the Grandview Farms nest. Every year, this busy
garage sale is conducted directly below the platform—at its base! (I guess
they don't mind osprey droppings and smell.) The commotion, however drives
the fledges away from their nest and into the nearby woods south of the
property where they stay until September. This is a huge disruption in
their life cycle, right at the time the fledges learn to fish. However, I
have not been able to track the impact it has on the survival of the young
birds and their success as juvenile ospreys.

The homeowners were not interested in relocating their sale tables when I
inquired a few years ago. I really don't get it. You'd think the smell
would be enough to relocate them. Perhaps they moved it this year—I am not
going up the lake to check.

Eyes to the sky!


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