Hi all, Due to a permanent nerve injury I am no longer able to use my Ziess 
victory 7x42 Binocs. They have recently been discontinued due to poor sales but 
as anyone who has used them  knows they are probably, optically, the best 
binoculars ever made. I was there when Wild Birds Unlimited got their first 
pair and when Walt checked them out he passed them to me with the comment " it 
doesn't get any better than this". I agreed and, shortly after, bought mine.  I 
had been using the previous generation of Ziess 7x4 2 for about 30 years and 
guessed it was time, given the awesome improvements, to replace them. I prefer 
7x42s due to the greater brightness and exceptional field of view.  i used them 
for watching hawks and warblers and everything in between and never felt 
handicapped.  The advantages more than made up for the 1 to 3x reduction in 
power. I'm asking  $999.00 cash for them but may entertain offers.


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