My nestboxes on the property (3 acres) here at home in Canandaigua were pretty 
successful for the most part this yr. 3 pairs of Bluebbirds were successful in 
fledging 27 young this yr. 1 pair nested 3 times fledging a total of 13 young 
(they lost 1 nestling in a brood of 4 during the inclement weather early in the 
season), a 2nd pair nested twice fledging 10 young. The 3rd pair nested twice 
but the 1st clutch had a House wren remove the 1st egg laid. The Bluebirds laid 
3 more eggs however but none hatched & I suspect they were infertile. This pair 
(I'm reasonably sure it was the same pair) moved to another house & raised a 
brood of 4. 5 of the 6 Bluebird broods were raised in a PVC style nestbox. 
Another pair nested on adjacent property in a house I installed but I didn't 
monitor that nestbox. 
A Chickadee was successful in raising 6 young and 2 House wrens nested, raising 
9 young total. A Tree swallow lost a clutch of 6 eggs (possibly removed by a 
Purple martin, nest was in a martin complex. Martins did not nest). The 
swallows did not renest unfortunately.
The Bluebirds and Chickadees were supplemented with daily (sometimes twice 
daily) offerings of mealworms and the adults and fledglings are still coming 
for them. 
A very interesting & enjoyable nesting season overall. 
Kyle Gage


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