I just got a message via Suzanne Broderick that there is a raven down and 
acting “dazed” in a yard on Enfield Center Rd West, near Trumansberg.  I am 
currently finishing my day at Binghamton University and unable to get there in 
any reasonable time to try to capture and take to Wildlife Clinic.

If anyone is in Trumansberg area to help or could go there to grab bird, I have 
the yard owner’s name and phone number—just call my cell phone below.  Large 
towel for capture and cat carrier will probably be necessary.  Not sure how 
dazed it is.

Be aware—it could be West Nile virus since this is active and killing our crows 
in Ithaca these past few weeks. Sadly!  I can give advice here if you call.

Thanks to anyone who can help.  


Anne B Clark
147 Hile School Rd
Freeville, NY 13068


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