>From 12:30 to 2:00 on Thursday, 13 Sep.

At the observatory on Mount Pleasant in beautiful weather wth light winds from 
the northeast.

    3 imm. Bald Eagle

    3 red-tail

    2 kestrel

    1 Turkey Vulture

    1 Broad-winged Hawk

farther west on Mount Pleasant and around corner on Turkey HIll and toward Game 
Farm. (Incidentally, the new fence at Game Farm is an attempt to keep 
groundhog, fox and coyote from digging into the pens and away form the 

   2 more imm. Bald Eagle

   25+ Turkey Vulture

   1 red-tail

   1 probable Peregrine Falcon

Hawk Mountain peak times

   Broad-winged Hawk 14-17 September

   Bald Eagle late August through mid-September

   Peregrine Falcon mid-October

Five Bald Eagle in a short time and not at a feeding feast. I remember Tom Cade 
and the  original hacking back of Bald Eagles at Montezuma followed by the 
great effort of the DEC and Peter Nye.

I went up to Mount Pleasant for an hour+ yesterday and saw one buteo at great 
distance. That is my usual sort of luck at Mount PLeasant


John Confer


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