Nice raptor migration observation yesterday from Adam Troyer in Candor.  Thanks 
for sharing Dave!

I scanned the sky from Comfort Rd in Danby from 10:35-11:15 yesterday and only 
saw 19 Broad-wingeds – winds were stronger south (~10 mph) than forecasted.  
Later in the afternoon I noticed a steady flight occurring and counted ~250 BWs 
from 2:30-3:30 with the first half hour twice as active as the latter. Passage 
was mostly in small kettles/streams with the largest 25 & 32.  Also, I see on 
eBird a count of  ~225 BWs yesterday from Mt. Pleasant between noon & 1PM.  

We are still in the peak migration window for Broad-wingeds and today & 
tomorrow look promising.

Bill Evans

From: Dave Nutter 
Sent: Friday, September 14, 2018 7:27 PM
Subject: Re: Broad-winged Hawk migration

I talked to Reuben again today. He said that yesterday’s Broad-winged Hawk 
migration path shifted eastward during the day. Reuben also heard from another 
Amish farmer/birder, Adam Troyer in Candor NY, who counted these raptors 
migrating past his place yesterday: 
774 Broad-winged Hawks
12 Ospreys
2 American Kestrels
5 Bald Eagles
1 Northern Harrier

Reuben may have missed birds in the beginning of yesterday’s  migration since 
they seemed to be in full swing when he first noticed them at 11am. Also his 
numbers were not precise. Still he was intrigued by how similar the number was 
that he saw and that Adam saw yesterday. Reuben also saw a few additional 
species of raptors, but I didn’t take notes on that. He did not see any 
migration today. 

- - Dave Nutter


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