I also encountered one or two large warbler flocks in Sapsucker Woods at lunch 
time. The first one was near the eastern intersection of the Wilson Trail and 
the Severinghaus Trail, past the Podell boardwalk from the CLO building. This 
flock was moving toward the building. About 30 minutes later I found a flock 
along the trail across the street from the visitor parking lot where the trail 
from the powerline cut hits the road. This flock was moving toward the 
powerline cut. In both flocks I found multiple Bay-breasted as well as at least 
one Black-throated Green and one Blackpoll Warbler. In the second flock I also 
found a Northern Parula and a Magnolia. In the first flock Blackpoll and 
Bay-breasted individuals came down to eye level, making for a great comparison 
and allowing me to see the yellow feet of the Blackpolls, and one Bay-breasted 
came to the ground close to the trail. 

Anne Marie


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