Hi everyone,

Just back from a nice walk on Mt Pleasant Road with a fun bird sighting.
At the farmhouse "dip" east of the observatory, over the stand of large spruces 
I noticed a large flock of Blue Jays approaching from the north. I counted 14 
as they took off over the open fields flying high and I was struck how silent 
they were . Minutes later another large flock took flight, but they backtracked 
(back-winged?) and started calling. A Merlin was in the vicinity and for 
several minutes the jays mobbed it as it alternately swooped around chasing 
them or perched atop one of the spruces. The Merlin eventually took off 
straight south and disappeared over the horizon. Shortly after that the flock 
of 30+ jays took off, again completely silently, and flew over the woods to the 

Such fun to experience birds' lives this way!


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