HI Folks,
  I am continuing my Northern Saw-whet Owl banding project for this the tenth 
year. Our location is about 3 miles southeast of Slaterville Springs at 651 
Hammond Hill Rd, referred to as HHOWLS. Last year we banded 137 owls. This year 
after two nights at the start of migration we have captured one saw-whet and 
one screech. Banding stations to the north of us have been banding for a couple 
weeks and report higher than average catch rates. I will band owls during the 
interval from now until after mid-November. Inappropriate weather occurs on 
about half to two-thirds of those nights so we only band on about 20 nights. If 
you would like to participate as a Banding Assistant please contact me at 
<confergoldw...@aol.com>. Banding Assistants should try to come out for a 
specific night of the week throughout the banding season, except, of course, on 
those nights when the weather is bad.  The number of signups for this year 
provides very unequal numbers for different days. I may need to ask people if 
they could change. One-time-only visitors must make prior arrangement for a 
specific night.
as the saw-whet says
toot toot toot
John Confer


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