Hi Marie,
Thanks for the post on the snow bunting because today I thought I caught
one in the corner of my eye while driving at 40mph on Triphammer. It was
perched on a telephone wire up in Lansing. I know they are usually in large
flocks foraging in farm fields, but this one had a cheek mark that made me
think snow bunting. Soon thereafter, I parked off the side of a nearby road
where I heard high pitched peeps in a farm field on Burdick Hill Road.  So
exciting!  Plus large kettles of raptors could be seen rising in thermals
and soaring southbound down the Cayuga Valley! (I saw them two days ago as
well from Caroline hilltop.) I estimate over 50 in one thermal today around
3pm.  I could not make out which raptors. I also saw flocks of what
appeared to be cormorants, some waterfowl, and passerines. I also saw two
ravens, one on a telephone wire, one foraging on the ground. Then looping
back, I saw a Turkey Vulture perched on a regular house rooftop looking
down into Cayuga Lake.  The raptors were too far away for me to confirm

Lastly, is anyone aware of, concerned, or keeping an eye on the skies for
chemtrails (not to be confused with contrails)? Please write to me
privately if you are. Thanks.


*Sandy Wold, independent **writer/artist*


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