I've been rehabilitating a female Peregrine Falcon that was picked up with all 
of her flight feathers broken off. I molted her and have been exercising her in 
the field, building up her strength. Today she went off soaring in the pleasant 
weather in a field near Ithaca, and I lost her. She has two radio transmitters 
on her, and I tracked her to a field near the Game Farm but then lost her 
signal. I picked up a signal about an hour later near the SPCA, but she was 
obviously flying around, and I lost the signal again.  Unfortunately, I don't 
consider her to be quite ready to released, so I'd like to get her back and 
continue exercising her (stooping her to the lure, etc.).

Please let me know if anyone sees her. You can contact by email or call or text 
me at (607) 279-2516,


Tim Gallagher


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