I didn’t think my backyard birding could get any better today, but it did.  I 
had this single “grackle” hanging around.  Eventually I realized it was too 
small for a grackle.  I thought, Rusty Blackbird?  So I looked it up in Sibley 
and yes, that’s what I have. It’s a new life list and yard bird for me.   I got 
pictures.  Just as I finished the Cooper’s hawk flew in after the birds. I 
don’t think it caught one.  I’d been watching about 8 Pine Siskins who finally 
found the nyger sock, 4 pairs of Cardinals, House Finches and Sparrows, 
Mourning Doves, Titmice, 10 Juncos,  and Chickadees.  I hadn’t seen the Siskins 
in several days.  The chickadees are just coming back in after the Cooper 
scare.  I tried to get a pic of Cooper in the crabapple but he flew.  Then a 
deer went through the back yard.  What a day!  I hope the Rusty Blackbird 

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