Up through June this year we had a regular flock of Pine Siskins visit our
feeders. I think they must have been breeding here. They outnumbered the
Goldfinches, who yielded ground to the more aggressive siskins. Then,
putting our home on the market, we took down the feeders which were are
porch-rail mounted, so we could clean up and paint the bird-white washed

About a month ago, despairing the house not selling, we took it off the
market for the winter. I bought new feeders and hangers (we gave away the
old ones) to fill from the full can of seed we still had stashed away. But
at this point - still no siskins! We do have a few Red-breasted Nuthatches
along with all the regulars. Even the female Pileated is back along with a
large contingent of Goldfinches in all their faded glory. My wife said
about two weeks ago that she saw some "franciscans" (I found this so
amusing I was loathe to correct her), but I have been watching closely and
nary a one have I seen. Not to mention rarities like Evening Grosbeaks
which many folks have seen.

So look, fellow birders - please put out the word to YOUR Pine Siskins that
the feeders are open again here in the Hemlock woods on South Danby Road.
And pssst, tell the grosbeaks too. I certainly don't want to resort to



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