It's been quite the birdy day up here on the mountain.

A flock of 13 Common Redpolls was feeding alongside the road when I came back 
from my walk in the rain (11 am). They were feeding on chickory seeds, and flew 
off into the weedy field opposite the radio tower on Mt Pleasant Rd to join a 
growing flock of Snow Buntings that I have seen there regularly over the past 
few days. It will be well worth checking that field if you are in the area.

Earlier a flock of at least 16 Evening Grosbeaks visited the feeders for 15 
mins or so, sometimes also joining a flock of at least twice that many Cedar 
Waxwings to feed on buckthorn berries in a tree just beyond my feeders.

That's cheered up my mood on this rainy day considerably!!


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