Becky & I went birding for an hr. late yesterday on our way to Seneca Falls. We were astounded that the lake above, & river below, Mud Lock are both very high ....  river is over the banks along River Rd.. The canal & river at May's is very high. I fear this high water is bad news for later on. At Mud Lock we saw 3 prs. of mallards, a young bald eagle in a tree & 2 ring-bill gulls.

No sandhill cranes were at Knox-Marcellus but saw lots of Canadas & ducks. Due to lateness in the afternoon all Becky could ID were mallards & gadwall. The muck on Armitage Rd. held nearly 200 swans, most on the north side. Light was too poor to tell what kind.  A female harrier was hunting along the edge of the road. Water is standing in the woods on Armitage &, again, the river under the Armitage bridge is very high.

Van Cleef Lake in Seneca Falls had 3 pr. of common mergansers & one GBB gull. Several robins flew over. The signs entering S. Falls are now covered indicating that the name is Bedford Falls for the mo. of Dec. as the community readies for the annual activities of "It's a Wonderful Life" which begin tomorrow evening & run through the weekend.

The absolute highlight about 4:15 p.m. was the Snowy owl with reflected sunlight giving it golden eyes,  Becky spotted it sitting on a  power pole on private land.  Black markings on top of its head, indicated to us that it had already been found & banded.

Here in Union Springs along with Canada geese flocks, we have seen only a couple large flocks of snow geese & tremendous flocks of hundreds of Am. crows that have come out from Auburn to feed in the corn fields and our yard! Along Rte. 90 on Mill pond are mallards, gadwall & many buffleheads.  Three squirrels pigging out on my feeders get fatter every day.  A small hawk tried for 2 goldfinches but I didn't see if it succeeded.

Factory St. pond has buffles & mallards. Over the village we have seen a bald eagle pair & an immature. I watched as an adult took a fish from the lake at Frontenac boat launch & flew to a willow tree by Factory pond to eat it.



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