I’m wondering why my birds have suddenly found an Alaskan Cedar so interesting. 
 I noticed several birds, Cardinals, Tree Sparrows, Chickadees all sitting at 
the tips of a birch tree which is close to the Cedar.  They’d fly over to the 
Cedar and go in.  More and more of my regular birds came and seemed to check 
out the tree.  At one time there was a Blue Jay, a couple of male Cardinals, 
two Titmice, a Chickadee, Tree Sparrows, and House Sparrows all sitting in the 
birch waiting to go in the Cedar.  What’s going on?  I know the Cedar has 
little seed cones.  I’ve never seen any birds in the Cedar before.  It was 
fascinating to watch.  I usually see the birds in the Norway spruces which are 
nearby, not the Cedar.  There are no feeders on that side of the house.  Any 
ideas of what’s going on?

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