About 6:15 p.m., 28 Mar. 2019, daughter Becky & I were parked at Rtes. 31 & 89 when great flocks of snow geese began arriving from the north.  For 45 min. we watched as thousands of snows just kept coming, probably heading to Cayuga Lake.  Where in the world had they been all day??? The last ones seemed to be struggling in the stiff winds.

We saw hunters well hidden in the bushes & trees on the south side of the muck & heard gunshots.

On the muck, in the fading light, we saw 12 swans,  a few Canadas & other ducks among many mallards & the great nos. of pintail ducks.

Our actual aim was to look for ospreys as we traveled from one place to another & we did find some on the nests. OOB but the nest on the relay tower in downtown Geneva had a bird on the nest! Many nest platforms are almost totally devoid of  sticks. Especially noticeable was the old power tower at Mud Lock that is all but bare. We found eagles in the air or on their several nests, including the one across the Seneca River outlet at Mud Lock.

Tschache pool appears to have been drawn down to dry out. May's pool has more open space than in a couple yrs.. Here's hoping for good feeding areas for shore birds coming.

Becky noticed the TVs perched on a couple power poles along 5 & 20, apparently their roosting spots for the night, & commented that "they had no antennas."


Union Springs


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