Salt Point Osprey Nest Camera is On-line!

Salt Point Osprey Nest Cam <>*era*

Watch Salt Point's Ophelia and Orpheus court, incubate eggs, raise their
family, and help them fledge on the nest camera in Lansing. Since there is
no WiFi, the footage cannot be broadcast live, but it is uploaded daily on
the Salt Point Osprey Camera channel on YouTube.

So far, the recordings show Orpheus delivery countless sticks (at least
20-40 per day) refurbishing the nest for Ophelia's arrival. His building
was painfully slow: for almost every stick he'd bring, another would fall
off the nest. Eventually, after seven days of work, the nest is a few
inches higher and has fresh leaves and grasses in the nest bowl—ready to
entice and welcome Ophelia.

And it did. Ophelia arrived at the Salt Point nest at about 6:00 pm tonight
and the pair was seen sitting in the nest together and then copulating on
the nest perch at 6:32 pm. It's a relief to have them both back from their
long migrations. (Ophelia arrived on March 30 last year also.) This week
should bring many ospreys back to the area.

*Please* report any osprey sightings you have and let me know if you find a
new nest not listed in the Cayuga Lake Osprey Trail. This information is
used for a survey of the osprey population in the Cayuga Lake Basin and the
eleven Finger Lakes. Thank you very much!




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Salt Point Osprey Nest Cam <>


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