Sent: Sunday, March 31, 2019 8:29 PM

The new Salt Point Osprey Nest Camera<> 
is On-line!

Watch Salt Point’s ospreys Orpheus and Ophelia raise their family up close on 
the new Salt Point Osprey Nest Camera<> 
YouTube channel <>

The nest cam will reveal the ospreys’ intimate life within the nest and 
provides unique dietary and behavioral data.

Since there is no direct Wi-Fi available, footage will be uploaded daily to the 
Salt Point Osprey Nest Camera<> YouTube 
channel for everyone’s enjoyment. Watch the eggs hatching; Ophelia tenderly 
feeding her young; the antics of the young learning to fly; and the fledglings 
learning to fish—who knows what nature has in store?

The nest camera is sponsored by the Cayuga Lake Osprey Group and the Friends of 
Salt Point in cooperation with the Town of Lansing Department of Parks & 

-Robert Rieger

Donna L. Scott
Lansing Station Road
Lansing, NY


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