There are few things more pathetic than a Pine Warbler in a snow storm on the 
ground below your feeder picking at microscopic bits, but that is what spring 
sometimes gives us. Karen and I maintain a meal worm culture for those 
occasions when some stressed critter would like to eat a few"worms". I spread a 
cup from the culture tank on the ground below a feeder, not knowing if the 
warbler would ever come back, and see the new stuff, and fly down to the pile 
of debri, and pick up a worm. Magic does happen and the wrabler did fly down 
and hop to the pile of debri, and then fly up to the flowering crab. I got a 
view of the bird with a meal worm in its peak as it stuck it into crevacises in 
the bark and shredded it into bite sized portions. I imagine that one worm will 
keep it warm through the night, and then tomorrow is supposed to be warmer. My 
karma is bright.



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