On Sunday morning, I had one of the better early-April birding outings I’ve
ever had in Sapsucker Woods.  Here are some highlights, which I enjoyed
with various others.

* AMERICAN WOODCOCK, found by Wee Hao Ng south of the Lab at 9:20 AM.  The
bird was foraging along the first wooded stretch of the Wilson Trail, south
of the feeder garden area, north of the Podell Boardwalk, between the trail
and the road.  We and a few passersby had very fine views of this bird
within about 20 feet from the trail and especially from the road.  It was
still there when we left at around 10:20 AM.

* At least three EASTERN MEADOWLARKS seen and heard (both fluting song and
long sparky rattling sequences, as well as electric buzzes) around the
knoll with nest boxes, and also in the airport zone east of the far parking

* NORTHERN MOCKINGBIRD atop a tree north of building near pond.

* Three FOX SPARROWS together under brush at north edge of woods, where
trail connects utility corridor and Hoyt-Pileated Trail

* Two FIELD SPARROWS together along the side of the road, with Song

* Male and female EASTERN BLUEBIRDS and 2+ TREE SWALLOWS on and around the
nest boxes on the knoll.

* COMMON RAVEN perched on a utility pole, before heading north.

* GOLDEN-CROWNED KINGLETS throughout, especially along first stretch of
Wilson Trail North.

* PURPLE FINCHES singing north of Sherwood Platform; one immature confirmed
by sight.

* Six RING-NECKED DUCKS and a female HOODED MERGANSER on main pond.

* A pair of WOOD DUCKS perched in a tree near Podell Boardwalk, plus at
least one flying over.

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Mark Chao


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