This morning Ken and I took at walk on the East Trail of Sapsucker Woods.
It was reasonably well protected from the wind, and we saw quite a few
birds. On the back (southwest) side of the trail we heard a cacaphony of
sound - coming from a flock of Rusty Blackbirds! We counted 44 of them,
both on the ground and at mid-level in the trees. This was the largest
group of Rusty Blackbirds we had ever seen (more than all the Rusty's we'd
seen in our lives). Very cool to hear and see.

Then a bit farther on the west portion of the trail we saw 3 Hermit
Thrushes. Later on the Wilson trail, we got a tip that there was a Pine
Warbler near the shiny heron sculpture opposite the feeder garden. It was
still there for us - foraging low for good looks.

Diane Morton


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