This afternoon about 5:30 p.m., I walked the Yorkies, and we went down 
to the pond.  As we got there I saw a small bird on the water on the 
other side.  We all stopped to look and what jumped out at me was the 
yellowish ( in fan shape) feathers on the side of the head, and my first 
thought was Eared Grebe.  The bird sat still looking at us and us at 
it.  I did not have my binocs, and I just kept looking at the head, ( 
yes it looks fan shaped).  The bird was very dark overall.  I do not 
remember seeing color on the body.   Maybe 5 seconds passed and it flew 
off.  It did have white patches on the wings.  Looking in the Sibley 
book, the white patches on the upper wing match what I saw.    
(Secondaries, the trailing edge of the wing)

When the bird took off the yellowish feathers on the side of the head 
appeared to lay in a line across the side of the head.  I could not find 
online any photos of Eared Grebes in flight,( in breeding plumage).

We have seen tadpoles in our pond already this year so it may have had a 
meal.  It just took me by surprise, but the yellowish feathers on the 
side of the head really was the thing that jumped out at me.

I have seen breeding plumage Horned Grebes on Cayuga Lake. This 
encounter happened pretty fast.  I have had Wood Ducks on the pond and 
they take off as soon as they hear us coming, doing their high pitched 



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