Not particularly exciting, but interesting to me from the aspect of nature.  
Yesterday, after walking around Cornell’s Beebe Lake, I followed the smaller 
path up the stream and while looking from the fenced protective view point, 
discovered across the way, a Canada Goose sitting on a very sharp precipice 
about 20 ft above the water!  It is in a cutaway shale area.  My friend had 
pointed this out to me last year, when she was fortunate enough to see the 
goslings drop from the high ledge down into the water.  Probably it is the same 
goose, and we will anxiously watch to see if we can be fortunate enough again 
to see fledglings.  Yesterday, we were able to see at least 3 eggs that mama 
goose was sitting on.  (I never knew that geese would nest in such an area, 
rather than on the ground.)

Sara Jane Hymes


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