I was on the spit at Myers Town Park earlier this morning, scoping the lake for 
recent arrivals. There was a moderate south breeze and significant “heat 
shimmer” making distant viewing of objects close to and on the water difficult. 
I first noticed four BONAPARTE’S GULLS milling around straight out from the 
park. They would fly north a bit then turn south and disappear when they landed 
on the water. As I followed them I noticed that all had dark gray underwings 
causing me to wonder about Little Gull. Eventually I spotted a larger group of 
21 Bonaparte’s Gulls flying south a bit above the water. They ALL had the dark 
underwings except for one bird with noticably darker, almost black, underwings. 
I lost the group in the shimmer, went to check for its possible arrival at East 
Shore Park, and found nothing. I suppose I should have checked from Portland 
Point first.

In any case, I’d say that there is a strong possibility of a LITTLE GULL on the 
lake today, so keep eyes open.

Bob McGuire

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