A couple of days ago Shirley and I were driving on Cayuga View Rd near Falls Rd (TBurg) and came upon a large bird feeding on a dead critter in the road.  We came to a stop and the bird moved a couple of yards and slowly launched into a low holding position a few feet above the ground.  It was clearly a Turkey Vulture and it was clearly not going to give up on a nice putrid meal.  I exited the car to  ID the meal and,  remarkably, the TV hung almost motionless about 5 ft off the ground only a few feet away.  It stayed that way until I returned to the car.  Then it was back to lunch.

The surprising thing was that the bird chose to remain so close to a clearly sneaky and menacing human being.  A great photo op. My camera was a mile away at home.  I should have learned from an earlier encounter on Satterly Hill Rd north of Burdett.  There we sat next to a TV that was perched on a fence post at the shoulder of the road.  When we left, the bird was still there.  Still waiting to be photographed.  Strange birds.

BTW, the dead critter was a raccoon.

Bill McAneny, TBurg


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