Dave Kennedy reports that at 8:40 this morning, there was a yellow-throated warbler feeding just inside the gate to the Sampson Lakeshore Trail next to the parking lot just north of Willard Town Park. 8:40 a.m. cayugaBirds rejected his email so he asked me to post it, but unfortunately, I just got that message, which he sent to me at 9:30 - apologies to all for the delay.

I'm a little confused actually about what happened when Dave sent the message to CayugaBirds.  It showed up in my email so I went over to the Lakeshore Trail and hunted for the YT Warbler between 9:20-10:20. Didn't conclusively refind it although got a tantalizing glimpse of a warbler that had a gray back and white on its wing (did not see the head or breast), and what seemed like an appropriate chip note, just opposite the southernmost bench at ~10:10.  I had been chasing the chip sounds for a few minutes but it flew east before I got more than that glimpse.  At 10:20 Jay McGowan & Livia Santana were looking, perhaps they'll have an update?



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