There’s been an Osprey on one of the snags in the back pond of Sapsucker Woods 
the last three mornings. I saw it between 8 and 8:30 the last two mornings. 
It’s best viewed from the Sherwood Platform at the back of the pond or the 
bridge between the Wilson Trail and the Visitor Center entrance.

While looking at the Osprey from that bridge this morning, a Common Gallinule 
walked out of the cattails and started swimming toward the island off shore 
from the Visitor Center. It was a stunning, close up view, and the first time I 
recall seeing or hearing one in SSW.

There’s been a flock of about 40 Rusty Blackbirds in SSW the past two days. It 
moves around, though. Yesterday morning they were foraging in the pools on the 
Wilson Trail behind the pond. Then at noon yesterday, they were gathered along 
the Woodleton Boardwalk on the east side of Sapsucker Woods Rd. This morning 
they were between the road and the Podell Boardwalk on the west side of the 
road. They have been extremely vocal and can be heard from some distance away.

Other highlights on the Wilson Trail this morning included Ruby-crowned 
Kinglets and Yellow-rumped Warblers. I did not hear a Northern Waterthrush 
today, although I heard one near the Sherwood Platform yesterday morning.

Anne Marie Johnson


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