Looking at the radar before work early this morning, I can tell there is a lot 
of bird movement, so today (Fri 3 May) should bring additional interesting & 
new birds. 

Yesterday I was in touch with Reuben Stoltzfus, who found Blue-winged Warbler 
and Bobolink from a work site on Caswell Rd in Dryden. As he left, he got word 
of the Townsend’s Warbler which Dave Wheeler had discovered at Sodus Bay, and 
had his driver take him there, joining many birders to see that rarity. While 
there, Reuben discovered a wren which others helped ID as a Sedge Wren. On his 
way home, Reuben had his driver swing through the Wildlife Drive at Montezuma 
where he found an Orchard Oriole near the Seneca Trail. 

It’s going to take awhile to get all the new basin birds into the table, but 
I’ll work on it. Thanks for all the reports!

- - Dave Nutter

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