Coming out on my porch in the village of Trumansburg at dawn this morning the 
3rd I was greeted by the wheep call of the GREAT CRESTED FLYCATCHER. Further 
down Bradley there was a GRAY CATBIRD song coming out of the forsythia. Down 
off of Salo Dr there was the first BALTIMORE ORIOLE male calling.
Overall on the dawn walk there were 4 Catbirds, a small flock of PURPLE FINCH, 
with some singing, and two WHITE-THROATED SPARROWS singing in the same vicinity 
off of Salo. Could not come up with a single warbler. 
Jared Dawson

ps, there have been several people posting results from their homes; I imagine 
most of the regulars recognize the birders’ names and know the whereabouts of 
these posts, but I’m still fairly new to the area and would appreciate if 
people posting would at the minimum put their town or village name in as part 
of their signature. Thanks!

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