At 12:45 this afternoon, a Yellow-Throated Warbler, which had spent the last 5 minutes in clear view working over a bare walnut tree about 20' away from me, flew off to the north.  It has not been refound and although there is a fair amount of warbler chatter on our property today (mostly Yellow-Rumps), I suspect it has moved on.  This is the third time in 11 years that we briefly have hosted at YT warbler, and the one seen by Dave Kennedy earlier this year was just over 3 miles north of us along the Seneca Lake shoreline, so while it was a delightful surprise, it was not unprecedented.  My theory is that they continue to wend their way northward along the lake shore which, if true, means that Willard WMA, Bonavista Golf Course, and the Lakeshore Trail of Sampson State Park (where Dave Kennedy found his bird) all are possible places it could be headed. If anyone is birding those places this evening or tomorrow morning, you might want to keep an eye out for it.



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