A squirrel climbed up a crabapple tree in my backyard this morning and
started making an alarm call. Within a minute, a grackle came and landed
near the squirrel, but slightly above, and was looking down and then
started adding to the alarm. I assumed it was one of my neighbors wandering
cats as I see birds often mob when one comes by. I've seen a squirrel do
this by itself, but this is the first time I saw a squirrel do it with
birds! Then two more grackles came. They were triangulating the target of
their wrath!  Then came a mourning dove who just watched and then I think I
heard a blue jay. My memory fades at this point, as everyone left shortly
after as the threat probably went in another direction.

Shortly thereafter, I heard my first Baltimore Oriole of the year. It was
dining in the crabapple.

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