This Mother's Day a.m. I saw a crow in our choke cherry tree & assumed it was an adult from the nest in the nearby spruce trees.

Here, let me say that only once in the last mo. have I heard any cawing from any crows so I presume they are quiet during nesting so as to not provoke any smaller birds into attacking them.

Almost immediately,  another crow joined the first & they seemed to really snuggle closely together in the steady rain.  I noticed the one on the right seemed to be doing something to the head of the other. They both turned so they were sideways to me. The one on the right appeared to be grooming the feathers on the top of the head of the one on the left.  I could see, with binoculars, that the feathers were definitely being lifted up & then were smoothed back down as the grooming continued.

This continued at least 5 min. & was quite interesting to watch. WHAT was going on???  Anyone have an answer? I have no idea if the birds were mates or family members since for many yrs.  a family of 3 to 7 has faithfully come to check out what compost I throw on the garden. Seems too soon for the eggs to have hatched & have a bird the size of an adult already.

Just another mystery of Nature.


Union Springs,  where it's wet & getting wetter!


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