It is with great alarm to report & dismay to have seen that hundreds of cormorants have taken up residence on the ground & in the trees of Frontenac Island, Cayuga Lake, Union Springs, NY.

The island is owned by the village of Union Springs & I seriously doubt the village fathers have any idea of what this invasion means. Just last mo. there was mention of what the village could do to enhance the condition & beauty of the island. THAT thought was BEFORE the cormorants descended.

Do any readers have knowledge of what the  village can do to try to get the invasives to leave or where to seek help?  Yrs. ago there was great concern, esp. by fishermen & fishing guides when the birds took up residence on the eastern islands of Lake Ontario, initially Little Galloo. Besides the fact that the birds eat great numbers of fish,  it's been reported that their fecal matter is so acidic that it kills any plant, above or below water that is lands on. On the little islands on Lake Ontario, wildlife specialists (?) & helpers were eventually given permission to cover the eggs with a soap solution (I believe) to prevent them from hatching.

My earlier hope that the cormorants were migrating through was thoroughly,  finally, dashed this evening just before dark when I went to the boat launch & saw the hundreds of birds there with more coming in to roost. I fear they will also invade the areas around Mud Lock & MNWR.

Fritzie B.,

Union Springs


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