This morning as we approached  the wildlife pond in our NW field we put
up a large bird. First immediate thought was another Green Heron as they
nest and hunt here. It spread its wings and was much too large and then
landed on the dike and immediately went into the Nothing to See Here
-just a reed act. It was a female American Bittern for # 100 on the
sanctuary year list! Nearby in the pond edge growth we heard another,
presumably the male. The female calmly walked down the back of the dike
as we watched. Made a big skirt around the pond after that as we would
love them to stay. Could not think of a better "century mark bird".

We also had many warblers feeding in the spruce and larch tops but the
gray sides made for lack of color and pattern. The only low warblers
ahve been local breeders.

John and Sue Gregoire
Field Ornithologists
Kestrel Haven Migration Observatory
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