Credit where credit is due: 

As far as I know, the first report of the Red-necked Phalarope on the Wildlife 
Drive at Montezuma NWR was to eBird on the afternoon of 30 May by Carol Ingram, 
and I have credited her on the Cayuga Lake Basin First 2019 Records list. I do 
not know Carol, nor the names of the other 3 members of her party. If anyone 
has this information, or knows of some earlier or independent sighting on the 
30th, please let me know, so I can add that. 

Some people have submitted eBird reports which credit later reporters as the 
finder, and I urge you folks to correct those.  

This is not to detract from Scott Peterson & others who saw and publicized it 
on the 31st, helping others see it. Well done!

I also thank Dave Nicosia, Mark Miller, Michael Gullo, and Deborah Dohne, who 
went to the trouble of photographing under adverse conditions, and including 
photos in an eBird report even though the photos aren’t “pretty”. And I thank 
Scott Peterson and Deborah Dohne for describing this oddly patterned bird in 
eBird reports. 

To my way of thinking, simply asserting that there is a rare bird should not be 
enough to consider it confirmed, no matter how well known or highly reputed the 
observer. It was the lack of description in Carol’s original eBird report which 
made me wait until there was corroboration by other observers the next day 
before accepting her report. 

Please describe and/or photograph rare birds to establish a solid record. 

Cool bird! I’m glad so many people got to see it.

- - Dave Nutter

> On May 31, 2019, at 10:20 PM, David Nicosia <> wrote:
> A large number of shorebirds continue in main pool which has been drained. 
> The diversity could be down some as I didn't find any red knots, ruddy 
> turnstone or whimbrels of days past. But there was one female RED-NECKED 
> PHALAROPE I think initially spotted by Dave Kennedy and then re-found by 
> Scott Peterson. I was working my way up wildlife drive when Scott sent the 
> RBA on this great bird. Thanks Scott!. 


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