More than attack—the hawk had the flicker in its claws on our backyard lawn 
area where the attack apparently had taken place,  but was struggling to get 
up.  With Flicker flapping and “peep-peep-peeep”ing, they were sweeping at 
ground level across the lawn toward the “old field’ vegetation and trees 
beyond.  Not sure how much my coming outside influenced the outcome, but 
moments after I saw the moving duo, the flicker got free and flew strongly 
away, calling loudly.  

Whew—that would have been one chunky dinner for any young hawks...

ALSO Green Heron note:  Green Heron nests were several in the Hile School Rd 
Wetland last year, but I had not confirmed any this year:.  While collecting 
Helisoma snails from the very green duckweedy surface, I watched a very vocal 
Green Heron repeatedly coming out of the still leafless bushes of the swamp in 
the NE section  of the wetland, and foraging along the E margin of the bushes 
with the main N water body.   Vocalizing as it flew out toward foraging, like a 
female redwinged blackbird leaving her nest area.  (I have no idea if this is 
an appropriate comparison.)   I have not yet been able to see a nest.

147 Hile School Rd
Freeville 13068

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