I have a question about junco habitat.  Maybe no one will know but I
figured these email lists might have some answers.  So at my home in
Johnson City along the southern tier, I live on the edge of town on a hill
in a suburban setting.  Lots of yards and lots of scattered mainly Norway
spruces.  Also lots of blue and Colorado spruces along with balsam and
Fraser firs scattered about. No areas of canopy just yards with grass and a
plethora of bushes. I have noticed over the last several years quite a good
number of dark eyed juncos nesting. I have had a pair at my house for
several years. They are all over in my neighborhood.  I live at 1300 feet
so not a particularly high elevation.

I am spending a few days at Star Lake in the western Adirondacks with
family.  The cottage we are in  is among many sprinkled by the lake. No
closed canopy, a lot of large white pine, some balsam fir, some Eastern
hemlock and a lot of sugar maple.  I have 2 blackburnian and 2 pine
warblers within earshot of the cottage. Red eyed vireos all over, Robins,
song sparrows, chipping sparrows etc, but no juncos!  I have had only one
since I have been here on a hike and that's it.  Seems like similar
habitats as the southern tier except more conifers. What gives?  Curious.


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