This afternoon (23 Jun) I found the Black-bellied Whistling-Duck right where I 
saw it on the afternoon of the day it was first found, the 17th. As far as I 
know it was not relocated during the intervening days. It was resting on the 
lawn near the west bank of Fall Creek on the edge of Newman Golf Course, seen 
with binoculars or a scope from Stewart Park. There were lots of flightless 
Canada Geese nearby. At long intervals the duck would look around or, if there 
was a commotion nearby, walk a few feet, but mostly it had all the brighter 
field marks hidden. I managed a few diagnostic photos and showed it to Meena 
Haribal and her niece, and Gary Kohlenberg stopped by as well. It was still 
there when I left at about 6pm.

- - Dave Nutter

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