Lots of drama over the past week. We have a colony of barnswallows that
live in one of our barns. Approx 25-45 individuals but they are hard to
count. Plus tree swallows in nest boxes. What I am pretty sure is a Merlin
has been coming around and driving them absolutely crazy. both Swallow
species mob this bird. The fledglings are coming out and I assume the bird
is trying to get one but I haven't seen one taken. the falcon may actually
fly into the barn on occasion.
   The Merlin comes by at least 3-4 times a day and I can hear the general
outcry from inside the house. The falcon doesn't seem terribly worried
about the attack of the swallows but circles around as they fly all around

    I don't recall this kind of predation over a long period from previous

     I wonder if egg laying will be reduced from the stress of these
attacks. This is happening on South Hill near the intersection of King and
Yaple Rd in Danby. You are welcome to check this out, just let me know in

   Toby Dean


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