That is sooooo sweeet, and soooo coool, Judith! Thank you for sharing! I
have never seen that particular behavior, but I have witnessed what I think
may be interspecies cooperation between birds a few times. Not only with
mob behavior around cats in my urban backyard, but also I once saw a
Pileated woodpecker fly directly into where a Hairy woodpecker nest. It was
there momentarily and then left quickly. I had the feeling it was serving
as an "auntie" who was "checking" on the eggs or babies to see how they
were doing (I can't remember if they had hatched yet or not).

I think we humans have much to learn from wildlife and the ways in which
they communicate with each other within their species and with other

*S.L. Wold, author/originator/publisher of the Cayuga Basin Bioregion Map*


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