For anyone interested in learning more about the awesome colors of birds, 
check out this book.  It's written for a layperson, but explains some of the 
science and biology underlying the variation in bird coloration.

Mark DeutschlanderDept. of BiologyHobart and William Smith Colleges
    On Sunday, July 21, 2019, 11:35:59 AM EDT, Donna Lee Scott 
<> wrote:  
  Was a treat just now to watch different sizes & colors of birds at porch 
suet, nyjer, sunflower, seed mix, sugarwater, & grape jelly feeders- & hear a 
Scarlet Tanager singing across road in woods:A. GoldfinchesPileated Woodpecker 
femaleDowny Woodpecker femaleBlue Jays w/ babyB Oriole maleRed-winged Blackbird 
maleRT HummingbirdMourning DoveCarolina Wren scolding!

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