There were Caspian Terns at the end of the wildlife drive on Tuesday.   They 
were rather distant.  

My orioles are still here and coming for the jelly.  The juveniles were finally 
eating jelly on their own.  I still have my Grosbeaks coming.  I have a pair of 
House Wrens nesting in a birdhouse on my shed.  I love hearing him sing. 

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> On Jul 25, 2019, at 6:20 PM, Magnus Fiskesjo <> 
> wrote:
> Wonderful. 
> I wonder if orioles are around but wandering more widely, after their chicks 
> are out, and we don't see them because they're not staying put singing any 
> more but ranging widely wherever there is food? I recently saw several 
> orchard orioles flying around Hog Hole, and several more of them at Salt 
> point, about 2 weeks ago.
> One surprised me by fiercely divebombing-attacking an Osprey which really 
> didn't seem to have done anything to the oriole (Orchard, male) other than 
> sitting down on a branch in a tree (a very tall tree across from the 
> railroad, inland). Maybe the tree was oriole territory.
> --yrs.
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> The Baltimore Orioles frequently coming faithfully for grape jelly end of 
> May, in June and earlier in July have not been seen in at least a week.  The 
> catbird stills comes.  Think Orioles must have started moving around—away.   
> I miss them.  They are so beautiful!
> Judy Thurber


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