Took a quick trip up to wildlife drive today since it has been quite some
time for me.
I saw nothing unusual. Shorebirds are increasing and seem to be
concentrated in the channel before Larue's, Eaton Marsh (some) and
especially Benning Marsh.

Benning had a lot of peeps, mostly LEAST SANDPIPERS but there were several
SEMIPALMATED SANDPIPERS as well. I also had 3 WILSON'S SNIPE here among
many yellowlegs of both species. I am pretty sure I had a pectoral
sandpiper but it slipped away behind some reeds before I could be 100%
sure. I also noticed a few least sandpipers that looked very colorful and
then others that were much duller. Could juveniles already be showing up?
Seems a bit early... I also had one semipalmated sandpiper that was lighter
and really looked like a juvie but it is almost certain that this was just
a lighter adult.

I also checked on the snowy egret report of yesterday on the thruway ponds
and only came up with great egrets and great blue herons. It could easily
be somewhere in the massive areas up there.  The shorebird habitat looks
decent at the thruway ponds too and there were some least sandpipers,
yellowlegs and a spottie  too.

My list is here....

I also did a quick stop at East Rd and the water level still looks a bit
too high at K-M Marsh for shorebirds but with continued warm weather it
should dry out nicely in time for increasing shorebird migration. I am
going to inquire about possible dike walks and let everyone know. Of note
there was one male REDHEAD here which is not that unusual  but neat to see
this time of year.

List is here....


Dave Nicosia


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