Hi  everyone,

I found a couple of interesting "yard" birds as I made my way through the woods 
edge on my property to see what was around in the beaver pond next door.
First, up from the ground flew a chunky medium-sized bird which fluttered off 
twittering into the woods and landed on the ground again. Too small for a 
Ruffed Grouse (which ARE there occasionally) and wrong habitat for a snipe, so 
I'm going to call it an American Woodcock.

Second, on my way back I was brought up short by a loud ticking call and on a 
branch over the stream was a Northern Waterthrush. I do seem to have them come 
through this time of year some years, but they don't nest on the property.

Finally, another somewhat unusual bird for my yard is the Carolina Wren that's 
been around for most of this week, in fact there may be two. What an 
interesting variety of songs and calls they make! Never used to see them up 
here at this elevation, but with climate change who knows what may show up next!

And as a follow-up to my search for Caspian Terns at Myers Pt, I did find five 
of them there a couple of days ago and was able to get some photos. All adults, 
but I'm sure the fledglings will show up soon with their parents and that will 
make for some good photo ops.


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